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A ZERO-TEACHER-PREP school-wide guidance curriculum that teaches students self-awareness, self-management, decision making, and relationship skills. Evidence-Based and Proven.

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Spend your time where it matters most.

Principals are busy, Counselors are busy, Teachers are busy.  The last thing anyone has the time for is a binder full of lesson plans, or a complicated virtual dashboard to figure out each week. 

How are you supposed to get everything else on your to-do list done while providing your high schoolers the skills that are actually going to make them successful? 

Our curriculum only takes a few minutes per week to drive.

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"It is hard to find great SEL curriculum for secondary (especially high school), and CanDoU has provided us with exactly what we needed out of a curriculum. It is engaging for students, simple for teachers, and the best solution we've found."


Aimee C., School Counselor

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I've worked in education for over 20 years. Can Do U is by far the best product I've come across. The short videos are relatable and lend themselves to open discussions with students. The implementation of Can Do U is quick and easy. The training that Jeff provided was informative but not overwhelming. My staff left the training feeling excited about the program and confident in their ability to deliver it to students.

Tricia W., Principal & Former Counselor


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Our curriculum is ZERO-TEACHER-PREP.  That means teachers are happy because you're not asking them to do "one more thing." Students are happy because you're going beyond academics with them. Parents are happy, because they see you care about their kids.


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"I've been in education as a Counselor and Principal for 20 years. Can Do U is by far the best product I've come across."


As a former School Counselor, I feel your pain when it comes to creating the master schedule, dragging your spreadsheet of "In-Danger of Not Graduating" Seniors across the stage, working on making schedules, and then inevitably re-making them all.  Then there are the joys of filling in holes for the schedules that somehow slipped through the cracks.


Nothing makes it worse than having a crusty old computer monitor that came with the school when it opened in 1998.  Recently, I discovered the magic of having a double-wide, curved monitor.  It was a game-changer.


I want all of my new customers to have one, too.  So for the next 60 days (through May 30th, 2022) if you receive a proposal from, and your principal decides to move forward before the start of next school year, you'll get one of these for free along with our revolutionary, zero-teacher-prep SEL video curriculum for High Schoolers.


Do yourself [and your neck] a favor.  Head to our website and check out the videos that are transforming high schoolers all over the nation.


Jeff Becker, M.Ed.

Founder, Can Do U SEL

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  • A specialist that will help you build a custom implementation plan

  • Scope and Sequence Guide

  • 40 engaging 4K videos that change each year 

  • Embedded Activities within each video

  • Discussion or Reflection Activities at the end of each video

  • Copy-and-Paste Parent email for each video series

  • PDF Parent Guides

  • Parent Education Materials

  • Teacher Education Videos

  • Social Media Images and Captions

  • Quarterly Coaching Calls with Jeff Becker

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Can Do U was founded by an award-winning, certified school counselor with a Master's in Secondary Counseling and a second degree in communications. Jeff created this, once upon a time, to meet his own needs because he couldn't find a program that could.

  • Professor of Social and Emotional Learning, National University

  • 2019 District Teacher of the Year (32nd Largest District in the US)

  • 2019 Florida State Teacher of the Year Nominee

  • FLDOE Ron Nieto Digital Educator of the Year

  • 2018 SCORE Entrepreneur of the Year

  • 2015 Toastmaster's International Speaker of the Year

  • 2014 District Counselor of the Year (32nd Largest District in the US)

  • Host of the Beyond Academics YouTube Channel

  • Founder of Two Highly Successful SEL Video Curriculum Companies

  • Masters Degree in Elementary & Secondary School Counseling

  • Certified Counselor and Teacher

After U Say "Yes!"



Coaching Call

This is the first step after you sign up to be our happy customer. Jeff will walk you through what it looks like to keep the program running behind the scenes. Share your vision for the program and we'll create a plan together!



Foundation Learning
Live PD (Staff)

We know it's tough to gain teacher support sometimes. We come out and reduce teacher apprehension and inspire commitment amongst your staff. We do a great job of getting everyone on board with the program.



Just Press Play

This is where the rubber hits the road. Teachers or Counselors use our zero-teacher-prep videos to teach new behaviors and mindsets.  These videos create incredible classroom and school culture.



Quarterly Coaching Calls

Quarterly Zoom calls with your Leadership/SEL Team ensure that the initiative doesn't fizzle out like so many others do.